Saturday, December 13, 2014

Femme Fatale Basics: The Spy Coat

Marlene Dietrich
There are few thing I love more than a good coat, and the spy coat is my absolute favorite! From a French New Wave worthy creme brulee colored cotton to a matte soot colored leather version fit for a film noir femme, there is a spy coat for every moment of the day. The classic beige hue is perfect for those cool Spring days sitting at the sidewalk cafe with friends. A rich cognac color in sumptuously soft leather is perfect for crisp Autumn days out walking in the city park, sipping hot cocoa and arm in arm with your lover. A glossy patent leather in the deepest of blacks is perfect for a glamorous night out at the discoteque - especially with a slick of blood red lipstick and disco ball inspired eyeliner! A beautiful, high quality coat can be expensive, but it is well worth the investment. A great coat can make you look instantly polished, regardless of what is underneath - which is great if you need to quickly run to the store and have no time for primping!
(Left) Marlene Dietrich, (Center) Brigitte Bardot, (Right) Joan Crawford
Although there are many modern versions available, buying a vintage piece carries along with it a deep satisfaction knowing that no one else will have your exact same coat. Also, if you are a hopeless romantic (like I am!), the patina of age, even a few stains and scratches, means that the piece has a story - something particularly irresistible to most of us dreamers... 
Here are a few of my favorite vintage spy coats from Etsy:

Vintage 1970's spy coat in delicious cognac leather via Etsy
Vintage Pierre Cardin dark chestnut corduroy spy coat with patent leather accents via Etsy
Vintage Yves Saint Laurent classic spy coat via Etsy - tres French New Wave!
Now for a modern interpretation of the classic spy coat:
Doesn't Penelope make leather look so elegant and effortless?
Comrade Von Pussycat

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