Monday, February 11, 2013

Nostalgia: Vintage Diners

From the book "Vintage Tampa Signs and Scenes"


  1. I love eating at diners! My husband doesn't though so we don't go very often.

  2. What a fabulous blog you have here! Such great content.

    When I was growing up (fifty years ago), my hometown (in suburban New York) had a diner called "Hamburger Choo Choo" whose most amazing thing was that they had a toy train track running the length of the counter and the plate of your food would travel from the kitchen to your seat on the train. Kids loved it. I even did a blog-post dedication to it a while back.

    1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing diner Shybiker! Is it still around? I will definitely check out your blog, I love things like that! Greetings from Macedonia :)

    2. Sadly, the diner burned down in the 1970's and was not re-built. People still remember it, though; there's even a tribute page on Facebook.


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