Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Tightlace or Not To Tightlace?

 Tightlacing. Mention the word "corset" and many people will start preaching to you about feminism, the beauty of living in this modern age, and how ugly and oppressive the practice of tightlacing is. What few people fail to mention, however, is that some of the most celebrated Hollywood stars were avid tightlacers. As a vintage enthusiast, I often envy the seemingly impossible to achieve hourglass figures of the time. How were these measurements naturally possible? Elizabeth Taylor has the same measurements that I do, except for that incredibly tiny waist! And Brigitte Bardot! How is that waist humanly possible? Then I discovered waist training. Suddenly everything became crystal clear...

 Debra Paget
Gina Lollobrigida tightlacing
Gina Lollobrigida shows the effects of tightlacing
A long-time tightlacer, such as Elizabeth Taylor, will see the effects of wearing a corset even when bare.

Marilyn Monroe tightlacing!

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese nude, after tightlacing

The unaltered state of the female body vs. the altered (tight-laced) form.
"Etiquette for Ladies" -  Bow Bells; 1866

I will leave it at that. To tightlace or not to tightlace? That is the question...

Comrade Von Pussycat


  1. I think that both have benefits although one is much more cosmetic than the other. I know that I enjoy wearing girdles that are a little on the tighter side. I've tried a corset and it gave me an amazing shape but I felt weird. It made my brad shoulders look even broader. I try to smooth out my body and that works best for me. I guess it just boils down (to me) to whether your comfortable with it.

    1. I definitely agree with what you said, if you are comfortable with it go for it! I think it greatly depends on what your proportions are, and I (personally) would never go for such an extreme look (like the current Guinness World Record holder Cathie Jung who has a 15" waist!)that looks unnatural. Everything in moderation. I would like to enhance my hourglass figure though, and I do like the idea of wearing a corset...I love garments that hold me in!

  2. I myself was a tightlacer for a number of years :) I naturally had a 30" waist and with daily wear of a specially made corset I would lace myself down to 28, sometimes 26 inches :) Personally I have found it's strengthened my core muscles as I'm more aware of them, and my posture too. It also taught me to control what I eat, as I used to stuff my face and now eat 6 or 7 small portions a day :)

    If you ever want to ask any questions about corsetry and the effects of tight lacing, feel free to email me! xx

    1. Fascinating Ami! I am very interested in the idea of tightlacing or waist training, I will just have to save up some dough to afford a good corset! Thank you very much for your offer, I will definitely be in touch!

    2. Same I feel Ami !!!! It is an very interesting idea. You have made the things easier for me. Corsets are damn amazing and can make you look more pretty :-)

  3. i think it looks absolutely beautiful, that tiny waist. how gorgeous are this pics of dita von teese, liz taylor and brigitte bardot.!!!
    i wish you a merry merry christmas darling!


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