Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homage to my favorite Catwoman - Julie Newmar!

Reminds me of watching Nick-at-Nite as a little girl.Unlike many kids, I remember looking forward to The Adventures of Batman and Robin, I Dream of Jeannie, and I Love Lucy. In a lot of ways, classic television and film shaped who I am today. As a little girl I remember looking forward to Christmas just for the fact that there was always a James Bond film marathon on tv. Such a nerd. I've always dreamt of bringing out my inner femme fatale...

The shoes of my dreams!

It isn't that they are Prada, although I respect the fashion house for their strong Italian style, I am not one to be dazzled by high fashion labels. I guess it doesn't hurt that they are Prada, but the most striking feature is that unmistakeable 1940's film noir styling! If I could be turned into any shoe, I would choose these babies ;) I cannot wait to pair them with a classic 1940's wool skirt suit and backseam stockings...or a nipped waist velvet dress...or a flowing floral gown with a flower in my hair...oh so many ideas!