Monday, May 16, 2016

On Corsets, Body Modification, and Fetishes

John Willie girls!

Why do I want to waist train, and what do I hope to achieve by waist-training? 

 From John Willie girls to famous courtesans such as La Belle Otero, I've been fascinated by the curvaceous female form and extreme silhouettes for quite some time. I have an hourglass fetish.
 I already have a decent hourglass shape to start with (38-27-38), however, I truly long for those "La Loren" proportions (38-24-38), they are just beautiful. I don't aim to ever reduce as dramatically as say, Polaire or Ethel Granger, I am not after the title of "tiniest waist ever". My body is my masterpiece, and I love to experiment with modification - whether that has been piercings, dying my hair, henna tattoos, or 8" high heels in the past. Yes, these modifications vary in intensity and effect, but they are still just that - modifications.
Starting at 27" - my natural waist measurement. This is a 22" steel-boned corset in an extreme curve silhouette.

Isn't it un-feminist to choose to corset train?

If you look through the history books and take note of the ever-changing female ideal, you will notice that bodies go in and out of fashion rather quickly. There is nothing more feminist than choosing which form you would like to take on - whether inspired by classical art, a literary figure, or avid intellectual. Inspiration is limitless. I find the current beauty standard of tan, tall (with an obligatory thigh gap), fake lips, fake boobs, contoured, stripper style ideal extremely insulting to my intellect and imagination. I don't like being told what to look like. I like to take pieces of history and fashion a story all my own. Corsets are not for everyone. I happen to enjoy the feeling of compression and control. I love fetishes. I love focusing on silhouette rather than sheer revelation - the idea of playing with shadows and light, protrusions and indentations... just as an artist all fascinates me. Corset training is simply a form of body modification, much like wearing high heels (yes, those 6" Louboutins do force your foot into an extremely unnatural shape), wearing a push-up bra (look at how breast trends have changed in the past 100 years!), and is less extreme than plastic surgery and pregnancy. Yes, pregnancy. Did you know that pregnancy is one of the most extreme forms of body modification? In fact, the pregnant body shifts your internal organs and structure much more drastically than a corset ever could. Consider extreme body-building. Consider orthodontia. All body modifications.Those myths of rib removal? We each have what are called "floating" ribs, which are not attached directly to the breastbone and are actually designed to bend and shift according to the changes to your body in your lifetime. Corsets are not for everyone, and to some they may even seem cruel and grotesque, but to call them "un-feminist" is extremely ignorant.

But doesn't it feel like a torture device?

Not at all. As I stated before, I like the feeling of compression and control, and I wear stiff girdles on a regular basis. Actually, a lot of people choose to wear corsets to perfect their posture and to relieve back pain. As long as you have a corset that fits your form perfectly, you will not be in pain. In fact, a corset should never hurt you and if it hurts, take it off immediately! It is so important to choose a properly fitting corset. When choosing a corset, you must be realistic and stick with a corset that is ideal for your own body shape. A more boyish figure would probably not be as comfortable as I am in an extreme silhouette corset. Squishability is also a huge factor - if you are more lean and muscular, there will be less room for creating shape and it may feel more restrictive. Above all else, always listen to your body! 

One more thing...

This is NOT a corset! These latex tubes that celebrities are toting as "waist trainers" do absolutely nothing for your figure and create a tubular shape.

This is a corset:
"Vamp" corset by What Katie Did

Comrade Von Pussycat

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