Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Beginning

My name is Catherine and I am a native California girl who fell in love with a Macedonian boy, and currently live in the Balkans. This is where I live...Macedonia. For now. I miss California so much. But for now, this is it:

Hands. Fingertips. A bare wrist. A naked arm. We take so much for granted in this strange new world of overexposure and hypersexualization. There were times when a naked ankle could cause a riot, when the mere sight of a bare hand could stir a man's imagination, there were times when the simple act of walking down the street could bring a man to his knees. What ever happened to the poetess courtesan? The woman who was oh so quick to expose her brilliant intellect and her distinct sense of cheek, but who was calculating and strategic concerning revelations of the physical realm. What have we done to our Muse? We have stripped away everything that was virtuous and pure, everything worthy of being worshiped, and replaced her (the goddess of Love) with a cheap version constructed of plastic and paint.

This is where my love of vintage comes in. I love the way vintage clothes, specifically from the 1930's until the 1950's, make me feel. Uncommon. Feminine. Beautiful. I cherish keeping a part of me for myself, only to be exposed behind closed doors. Mystery and novelty, these are the lifeblood of seduction. This is why I love vintage. A piece of clothing may seem trivial and frivolous to some, but I truly believe that what one chooses to wear reflects the innermost depths of ones personality.

Wearing my favorite 1940's dress...I'm obsessed with flowers!

After some deliberation, I have decided to begin writing about my philosophies on life, beauty, seduction, and of course, my love of everything vintage. I hope this blog can bring you some sort of pleasure...stay tuned if you like vintage, kitties, cooking, and travel!

Greetings from the Balkans,
Catherine "Pussycat" W.


  1. Hey Vintage Lady! Just going through your blog since I finally have time...sooo glad that you were in Macedonia and we got to meet! Miss you, this blog is really too cute!

  2. Am enjoying your old posts. So lovely and entertaining.


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