Thursday, September 1, 2016

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Letter From A Glamorous Eccentric...

Let's face it - to many people, if you are a card carrying glamorous eccentric, you are viewed as a threat in some way. Many people are especially afraid of individuals (particularly women) with a voice, with a mission, with a strong message, a certain steel-willed independence, and a strong mind. What an archaic pattern of thought! How terrible and tragic that this irrational fear continues to be perpetuated by many today, even by women themselves. For all those women who take pleasure in making fun of another woman's appearance - this applies to you. To every man who rates a woman on a scale of 1-10 and then criticizes her for being "too (fill in the blank)", this goes out to you. Who gave you permission to view any human being as an object of some kind, simply existing to fulfill your every whim, fantasy, and desire? I do not exist for your pleasure. My existence doesn't need your approval, please never mistake me for one of those girls who are trying to live just to please you.

Truth is, I'm much more preoccupied with plotting my future as a grande dame who carries a brass cobra topped walking stick, has pale lilac marcelle waves, shimmery jewel toned eyelids and vermillion lips, all while maintaining an electric charm tempered with a few assorted vices. Or I may transform into a maestra of mystery who wears black lace veils and mantilla combs out to the market with a glossy black corvid named Vronsky perched on my shoulder. Who knows? Only time will tell.

A glamorous eccentric puts on daily personal performances solely for their own pleasure - the opinions of others matter little.It is these little, secret rituals that give us life. I suppose this is why we baffle so many. Refusal to submit to the notion of seeking approval from others is a completely foreign concept to most. Those who adhere to the rules and confines of societal norms have yet to unshackle the imagination. They haven't mastered being a lone wolf and running wild. Most tragically, is that they haven't experienced the liberating feeling of an unwavering sense of self.

Originals - Marlene Dietrich!
Marlene Dietrich, Marchesa Casati, Hedy Lamarr, Ethel Granger, Mr. Pearl, Isabella Blow, Anna Piaggi, Rossy de Palma, Josephine Baker, Oscar Wilde, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Daphne Guinness, John Galliano, Dita Von Teese - a glamorous eccentric is always in good company!

Why are so many people uncomfortable encountering a woman who takes charge of her own destiny? It truly baffles me. We claim to be a progressive society, yet largely, there are rules put in place to suppress and oppress the female sex. I refuse to be pigeon-holed into one category or another. I have always been sort of a chameleon - the most significant difference now is that I couldn't care less what others think of me, as opposed to when I was in my early twenties. Life is wasted if you perpetually try to please others. You lose the whole point of it. Don't waste your precious time or thoughts on those who constantly try to tame you, ridicule you, or discourage you. You will regret it, and regret is one thing you cannot erase.

There are few feelings more satisfying then knowing that you are being true to yourself - whether behind closed doors or out in public. I enjoy creating facades as an amusement, but to live life behind a mask due to insecurity or fear of what other think? Never. I know that I shock people from time to time, but it always makes me laugh - I suppose I don't allow many people to observe me in my natural habitat, and therefore when I reveal my true nature, it is startling to most. I enjoy the art of surprise. I relish engaging in a challenge. I love to battle social constrictions and watch the dusty walls of "normal" crumble. Boring, Never be boring. 
Boring is the kiss of death.

A life without passion is a life wasted. I've long described myself as a raconteuse whose aim is to manufacture a dreamlike aesthetic, every single day. I want to live la dolce vita...

Comrade Von Pussycat

Monday, May 16, 2016

On Corsets, Body Modification, and Fetishes

John Willie girls!

Why do I want to waist train, and what do I hope to achieve by waist-training? 

 From John Willie girls to famous courtesans such as La Belle Otero, I've been fascinated by the curvaceous female form and extreme silhouettes for quite some time. I have an hourglass fetish.
 I already have a decent hourglass shape to start with (38-27-38), however, I truly long for those "La Loren" proportions (38-24-38), they are just beautiful. I don't aim to ever reduce as dramatically as say, Polaire or Ethel Granger, I am not after the title of "tiniest waist ever". My body is my masterpiece, and I love to experiment with modification - whether that has been piercings, dying my hair, henna tattoos, or 8" high heels in the past. Yes, these modifications vary in intensity and effect, but they are still just that - modifications.
Starting at 27" - my natural waist measurement. This is a 22" steel-boned corset in an extreme curve silhouette.

Isn't it un-feminist to choose to corset train?

If you look through the history books and take note of the ever-changing female ideal, you will notice that bodies go in and out of fashion rather quickly. There is nothing more feminist than choosing which form you would like to take on - whether inspired by classical art, a literary figure, or avid intellectual. Inspiration is limitless. I find the current beauty standard of tan, tall (with an obligatory thigh gap), fake lips, fake boobs, contoured, stripper style ideal extremely insulting to my intellect and imagination. I don't like being told what to look like. I like to take pieces of history and fashion a story all my own. Corsets are not for everyone. I happen to enjoy the feeling of compression and control. I love fetishes. I love focusing on silhouette rather than sheer revelation - the idea of playing with shadows and light, protrusions and indentations... just as an artist all fascinates me. Corset training is simply a form of body modification, much like wearing high heels (yes, those 6" Louboutins do force your foot into an extremely unnatural shape), wearing a push-up bra (look at how breast trends have changed in the past 100 years!), and is less extreme than plastic surgery and pregnancy. Yes, pregnancy. Did you know that pregnancy is one of the most extreme forms of body modification? In fact, the pregnant body shifts your internal organs and structure much more drastically than a corset ever could. Consider extreme body-building. Consider orthodontia. All body modifications.Those myths of rib removal? We each have what are called "floating" ribs, which are not attached directly to the breastbone and are actually designed to bend and shift according to the changes to your body in your lifetime. Corsets are not for everyone, and to some they may even seem cruel and grotesque, but to call them "un-feminist" is extremely ignorant.

But doesn't it feel like a torture device?

Not at all. As I stated before, I like the feeling of compression and control, and I wear stiff girdles on a regular basis. Actually, a lot of people choose to wear corsets to perfect their posture and to relieve back pain. As long as you have a corset that fits your form perfectly, you will not be in pain. In fact, a corset should never hurt you and if it hurts, take it off immediately! It is so important to choose a properly fitting corset. When choosing a corset, you must be realistic and stick with a corset that is ideal for your own body shape. A more boyish figure would probably not be as comfortable as I am in an extreme silhouette corset. Squishability is also a huge factor - if you are more lean and muscular, there will be less room for creating shape and it may feel more restrictive. Above all else, always listen to your body! 

One more thing...

This is NOT a corset! These latex tubes that celebrities are toting as "waist trainers" do absolutely nothing for your figure and create a tubular shape.

This is a corset:
"Vamp" corset by What Katie Did

Comrade Von Pussycat

Friday, May 13, 2016

Pretty enough...

Pretty enough to date, but not pretty enough to marry - or was it the other way around? Too pretty to marry, but good for a fling? I was too afraid to ask. Both answers would leave a bitter taste in my mouth. This is what it feels like to live in a man's world. I don't make the rules, and if I broke any, I was a social pariah. Rape culture. Patriarchy. Misogyny.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Things I Love: Glossier Boy Brow & Moisturizing Moon Mask!

I'm not ashamed to admit it - I've fallen for Glossier! Seeing all the hype and strong social media buzz of Glossier fans made me a little skeptical about the quality of the product, but I was pleasantly surprised that Glossier products actually deliver on all the hype (after all, cute packaging and emoji stickers can only get you so far). Plus, I love their motto of "Skin first, makeup second" and the fact that they aren't promoting fake tans, contouring, and duck lips. Glossier is for girls with their own set of beauty standards.

Moisturizing Moon Mask

This baby has become my go-to mask for reviving my tired skin after an arduous work week! It applies kind of like cold cream, then sinks in and becomes an invisible layer of moisture. When you wash it off it leaves your face feeling smooth, plump, and soft. It contains honey, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera, which is nice. Any time there are natural plant-derived ingredients involved, I am happy. The texture of my skin is already more refined and smoothed, not just temporarily, but even days later. Moisturizing Moon Mask + Amara Organics Retinol Serum = magic!
By the way, I paid for both products myself - this is not a paid review!

Why Boy Brow?

There are few things that irk me more than overdrawn, artificial looking eyebrows - on men or women. Perfection is not my aim where my eyebrows are concerned. I fully embrace a little chaos, a touch of the unkempt. I'm not against full bush or unshaved armpits either. Think about the beauty standards that you embrace and why you embrace them. Is it really your ideal of beauty? Perfection and symmetry can be extremely boring. I love how an unkempt brow looks against an otherwise made up face! It is so fresh! A brow that is too sculpted runs the risk of taking away from your natural beauty, it is too distracting. I like seeing individual hairs, not one painted on eyebrow that looks powdered or coated in paint. You know that look when you take off all of your makeup at the end of the day and slather on the moisturizer, when your skin is all dewy and your brows are glossy and wet looking? That is the look that I'm after. I feel like donning an unkempt brow in the age of "brows on fleek" is an act of rebellion in a way. The one exception would be Marlene Dietrich brows, but even then, without the correct lighting, they lose their beauty. For me, it is best to stick with au naturelle. 

Boy Brow is money! It is like my eyebrows but better. No crunchiness. No sharpie effect. Just beautiful, full, natural looking eyebrows. You do need to a fairly decent brow to begin with though, it is less for corrective measures and more for taming and defining. 

Embracing "Museum Beauty"-

Instead of looking to celebrities and the vapidity of the starlet scene for beauty tips, why don't we take a cue from the great masters of art and try to mimic a more divinely inspired form of beauty? Don't fake your bone structure - highlight those cherub cheeks and doe-like eyes with a touch of pale peach shimmer. Naturally pale or beautifully dark? Nothing is wrong with your natural skin color, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Don't have "brows on fleek"? Trust me, beauty comes in all forms, colors, and sizes. Be you! You're beautiful <3

Comrade Von Pussycat

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

All About Eve...

I have a horrible weakness for anything remotely serpentine. One of my most prized possessions is a small, bronze serpent ring with glowing crystal eyes. Her name is "Vesper". When I was single, I considered her to be a promise to myself. She was my bodyguard and amulet. If anyone dared cross me, one prize punch to the nose and she could make you bleed. I have a penchant for jewelry that doubles as a method of self-defense. Morbid, you say? With a sordid past like mine, you would understand why these things concern me. Remember the times you clutched your keychain, keys between each knuckle to form a deadly weapon - whilst silently praying that you would be safe? Most every woman has whispered that little prayer. 

Eve or Medusa?
Every woman embodies both. To think otherwise is to be laughably naive.

Comrade Von Pussycat

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lips the Color of Puttanesca!

Besame "Red Hot Red" - looks warmer in real life!
There is just something about red lipstick. It just has a certain je ne sais quoi - non? I have gotten to a point in life where I feel naked without a precisely defined bold lip. It doesn't always have to be red, but it has to provide adequate contrast to my porcelain doll visage. Red. Not only does a blood red lip conjure up that dangerous image of a film noir femme fatale - but pair a warm tomato red lip with an impossibly tight black skirt suit, sleek cat-eye sunglasses, and rustic raffia tote, and you have a classic Italian screen goddess. Red is simultaneously the color of whores and of glamour goddesses. Red has long since been the color of sinners and heathens. Red has so many incarnations - it can be difficult to choose simply one to be faithful to! This post will be strictly focusing on my favorite warm, orange-based reds. I haven't displayed them all, but here are my fail-proof, tried and true, going steady standbys:

MAC "Lady Danger"
(Vivid bright coral-red [Matte] )

"Lady Danger" was one of my very first reds (obviously if you are going to start with matte red lipsticks, you have to add MAC "Lady Danger" and "Ruby Woo" to your makeup bag - they are cult favorites for a good reason!). While "Lady Danger" is by no means smudge-proof, it is a fairly long-wearing matte formula that can last for a few hours. I actually prefer Besame lipsticks for their rich pigmentation (I love a stain to be left behind, although, not everyone does), but the vivid pure tomato red color of "Lady Danger" makes it one of my favorites.

Limecrime "Suedeberry"

When Limecrime debuted their first Velvetine colors, "Red Velvet"and "Suedeberry", I snatched them both up immediately. Long-wearing, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, super pigmented liquid lipstick that dries to a velvet matte texture? Yes, please! My dreams came true! Although I wouldn't recommend a full-on makeout session, these babies can last allll day long - trust me, I've put them through the test time and time again. As long as you don't eat anything containing oil, these stay put very well. The formula feels light on the lips, isn't particularly drying, and, most importantly, does not ball up like cheaper formulations from the drugstore. I have tried so many liquid lipsticks and this is the only one that passes the test for me. "Suedeberry" is a little lighter and brighter than "Lady Danger", kind of a light, bright strawberry red. The perfect lipstick for a seaside adventure - you can swim in it and have absolutely nothing to worry about!
 Besame "Tango Red"
(Peachy Orange-Red, perfect for golden and olive skin tones. A semi-matte finish with one coat full coverage. The highest natural pigment content for a smooth, indelible, feather-proof finish. Enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe.)

As mentioned earlier, I find Besame's formulation to be my ideal - moisturizing yet semi-matte, highly pigmented, and instead of leaving an awkward red ring around your lips it fades and stains the lips fairly evenly. This makes required touch-ups minimal - which I love (who has the time to worry about their lipstick all day? Not I! I may look high-maintenance, but that couldn't be further from the truth!).  I already have most of the Besame reds, but I added "Tango Red" so that I could have a less shocking red for day-time wear. I will be honest, when I twisted the gilded tube and first saw the color - I wasn't that thrilled. When I put it on? I fell in love! "Tango Red" is more muted than any of the other reds on this list, but once it is on my lips it reminds me of roasted red peppers and Mediterranean summers. It is a great first red lipstick if you are hesitant or shy about wearing red lips on a daily basis. 

Besame "Red Hot Red"
(Marilyn Monroe's favorite. A bold and brazen warm red. A semi-matte finish with one coat full coverage. The highest natural pigment content for a smooth, indelible, feather-proof finish. Enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe.)

First of all, Besame is genius for coming out with their matchstick books! I had been deliberating for months on which lipstick color to try next, and when I saw that I could get a sample of a few different colors without committing to an entire tube - well, I'm not going to lie, I totally did a little happy dance! Upon first application, I immediately fell for "Red Hot Red" - it is a perfectly bright, classic tomato red that reminds me of puttanesca sauce and makes me feel like a character from a Vittorio de Sica film. Love! I am definitely going to buy the full-size version soon. 


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it to be informative - as a fellow red lipstick lover I always enjoy reading reviews from other glamour enthusiasts! I will post my favorite blue-based reds at a later date. Until then, continue to paint those pretty pouts red

Comrade Von Pussycat 

Friday, January 22, 2016

My Secret Skincare Arsenal

I've never believed in hiding my age. I've always thought the entire idea of hiding your age to be laughable and absurd. I refuse to believe that a mere number should serve to shame me into lying or submitting to some ridiculous notion that we get less beautiful with age. Honestly, I feel that my beauty has only just begun. I take care of what I have, however, and I am very selective when it comes to health and hygiene.

This is my very affordable, and effective, skincare routine:
I rarely wash my face with soap or water. Maybe a cold splash or two in the morning to wake up, that is about it.Tap water is usually sterilized and chlorinated, and the harsh chemicals can take a toll on your skin. 

 My Secret Skincare Arsenal:

Tea tree oil cleansing pads - instead of soap and water, I use these makeup removal pads after cleansing with coconut oil to ensure that every trace of makeup has been removed. Not only does it smell nice, tea tree oil is also an amazing antiseptic!

Virgin coconut oil - I use this as a cleansing oil and a makeup remover. I gently massage my face in circular motions and under my eyes before wiping clean with a soft towel. Sometimes I also use a bit more at the end of my nighttime routine if I need extra moisture. Makes a great overall skin conditioning treatment and gives you that glow usually reserved for swimsuit models - shiny!

Beauty balm - I like to have a thick, waxy beauty balm available for those extra dry days, but I also often use this on top of my retinol serum to reduce the risk of any redness or excessive dryness that the serum may cause. Also does wonders for moisturizing tired eyes and lips!

Organic retinol serum - this is still relatively new to me, but if successful, I will write a review at a later date. Although I have no discernible lines at 31, I can still see a slight difference in texture and a few developing lines in a few spots, so I just wanted to act quickly. Even though as a girl I used to get that bronzed glow, I made a conscious effort to stop tanning in my early 20's (in spite of the strange looks I got from my peers living the Laguna Beach lifestyle!), and I can say that I feel very lucky that I don't have any sun spots or premature wrinkles from my reckless romps in the sun!

Olive oil - when anyone asks me what I use on my skin, this is my answer. No expensive creams here. Pricey doesn't necessarily equal effective, remember that! Although I currently keep my complexion pale and in my natural state, at heart I am a Mediterranean girl and I spent much of my childhood bronzed by the ancient Balkan sun. I naturally have the lightest golden-olive skin that bronzes very quickly and I can get quite dark. I used to sneak small amounts  of olive oil from the gigantic metal can in the kitchen to use to moisturize my skin, and to this day I still use it. It is truly liquid gold.

Daytime lotion with SPF - it is imperative that you find a day-time lotion with SPF in it, just to take the proper precautions.

Unsweetened Cranberry Juice - a true glow comes from within! The tartness might make you pucker, but trust me, it works wonders for the skin and your immune system! I can honestly say that I've noticed a change in my skin texture from drinking this 1-2 times a day (in the morning and before bedtime). It is imperative that you get 100% cranberry juice, not from concentrate and NO sugar added! 

A Smart, Sensible Diet - I indulge on the weekends or whilst traveling, but during the week I eat sensibly. Listen to what your body is asking for. I am very lucky that my parents never bought soda and rarely bought junk food, it taught me to crave real food and this is why I maintain a healthy weight. I don't have a sweet-tooth, so sugar is never really a temptation - I love salty and savoury, but I limit indulgence to the weekend. When you wean yourself off of unhealthy eating habits, you will begin to hear your body asking for what it needs. Skip processed foods altogether and make things from scratch. Choose food that is in its natural state. You can prepare good food quickly, you don't need to resort to a frozen or packaged meal. Simple. It just takes knowledge and discipline.

Maintaining a healthy weight - I know that this is going to be different for everyone, however, when I weighed 110 lbs. at age 25, I could definitely tell that my skin was suffering. In high school I weighed anywhere from 110-115 lbs and that was perfectly fine then, but when I developed as a woman, such a slight weight definitely was not ideal for my body. I lost weight due to an extreme amount of stress, so that also contributed to the poor skin condition. Being too skinny will make your skin lose elasticity more quickly and have wrinkles show up sooner (trust me, too skinny isn't pretty!). Being too heavy is also not good - it can contribute to hormonal imbalance and give you a double chin! Everyone has a different ideal weight, listen to your body and not to the "mean girls" or the latest issue of "Cosmo Girl".

The bottom line is this:

I am very particular about what goes into my body and what I put onto my skin, and since you only get one shot at it, you might as well look after it properly!

Comrade Von Pussycat

Friday, January 8, 2016

Bond Villains Are Forever...

My first hat! A 1940's mink and berry velvet tilt hat - it completely makes me feel part Bond villain and part Anna Karenina! Wearing my Besame "Red Velvet", a Christmas gift from my Bear <3
 I don't believe in making New Year resolutions. I believe in the deliberate reinvention of self; the constant and inevitable evolution that we all face. Reinvention and personal evolution have been two of the main themes in my life. I find it thrilling to think of all of the possibilities that are at my fingertips. I relish knowing that I am in control of my image. I know that many people think that style is frivolous and inconsequential; I strongly disagree. The style that you develop can give you a transformative and even a deeply religious experience. There are few things that make a statement about who you are like your style does. Our style is like a window into our own mad little secret worlds. A deeply personal sense of style is incredibly empowering - and there are few things as satisfying. 

I am constantly inspired by women like Valerie Von Sobel, Beatrix Ost, and Carmen Dell'Orefice who reject the notion that being beautiful and stylish is to be enjoyed exclusively during youth; and I am constantly inspired by so-called "unconventional" beauties such as Rossy de Palma, and Catherine Baba for their blatant rejection of the modern beauty standards that perpetuate the myth that a small nose is a pretty nose, that pillowy lips are the sexiest, and that contouring is your best friend.  I'm growing tired and bored of seeing eyebrows on "fleek" (can we just get rid of that word altogether, please?), faces contoured into oblivion, and overdrawn lips. It is boring. I long for flaws and imperfection. I long to meet individuals who are unique, eccentric, and interesting...anyone who challenges the norm and doesn't look like a blow-up doll clone.

A glamorous transformation is at your imaginative are you? Be an original! What do you have to lose?

Channeling my inner Bond villain!
I've been thinking a lot lately about signatures - from vocabulary to nail lacquer. I've long since been inspired by vintage James Bond (Vesper Lynd is my spirit animal, forever!), tales of espionage, pulp fiction, film noir, Russian fairy tales, Italian & French New Wave film (Fellini! Visconti! De Sica!), Neorealism, the sepia-tone photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue and explicit photographs of Guy Bourdin... and so much more. I long to express these influences through my style - and I often pick a few references on a daily basis. While I know that I could never stick to that "10 Piece French Classic Wardrobe" ( I have way too many fantasies in my head to live out!) - I do see the appeal of having signatures. I like the idea of having a few steady, foolproof tricks. Here is a list of things that have become my personal signatures:


Black pin-curled hair

Cat-eye in the blackest eyeliner possible!

Red nail lacquer - my favorites are NARS "Chinatown" and Estee Lauder "Envious"

Seamed stockings

"Your Beauty Mark" by Dita Von Teese 
Finally, a beauty book that "gets" me. Because I belong to that tribe of glamorous eccentrics, I have long since come to terms with the ridicule and strange glances. I used to be much more concerned with these things in my early adulthood, even though, for the most part, I didn't let other people affect the way that I wanted to present myself to the world. Sometimes, though, after hearing comments like, "Why do you wear so much makeup?" - "Do you use makeup to hide?" -  "It looks like you're trying too hard" - or "Why are so dressed up?" - I let these snarky remarks sink in a little too deeply and, at times, I would even have to question my own motivation for wearing my signature cat eye (I've been using liquid liner since...ever since I can remember! I think age 13?) and dark lipstick. I remember purchasing my very first nail lacquer in a bright cherry red, and along with it, a cherry scented red roller lip-gloss - I was 11. So to allow myself to feel like an impostor is unfortunate. I've worked very hard to cultivate the qualities that I possess today, both the physical and more intangible elements. It's taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to become the woman that I am today. Regardless of how much you try to block out irrelevant comments, however, we will never be completely impervious to them. Dita's book gave me the reassurance of being in good company - and with each turn of the page I was reminded WHY I am the way I am today. Not everyone will understand your journey, but don't let anyone make you question your validity. Some people may think you are insane, other people may thing that you are the most interesting individual on the planet and admire you for your eccentricities. The bottom line is this: never let anyone question your worth. Love yourself. Improve yourself. Invest in yourself. You have a long journey ahead - why not love every moment of it?

George the cat interrupts your regulary scheduled program for cuddles and pets - good night!

Comrade Von Pussycat

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Proper!

This Christmas was particularly special to me. As the eldest of six children, you can imagine how difficult it is to get everyone together at one time! This year was the first year in about eight years that we were all home, living in our native California. My sister also married a Macedonian man, my brother was in the Marines (thank you for your service, Stu!), I lived abroad for a few years, etc. It was heart-warming to see everyone together, and while Christmas is most definitely not about the gifts, it touched my heart to see that the spirit of giving among my family members and significant others. I love my crazy, beautiful, big family!
My Grandma's traditional recipe, "Buche de Noel" that celebrates our French heritage! She even dips glossy citrus leaves in dark chocolate and peels them off to create the most beautifully realistic chocolate decorations - and some years she makes hand made meringue mushrooms dusted with cocoa powder.
Bulgaria; 1991-ish - the sibs and I carrying our Christmas branch (we couldn't source a proper tree because Bulgaria as Christmas trees are more of a Western European tradition and in those days Bulgaria had just come out of Communism, so celebrating Christian holidays was relatively new). My parents used to smuggle Bibles through Eastern Europe because they were illegal - we moved to Bulgaria to plant an evangelical church. More on that adventure another time!
Christmas proper! I love dressing in festive ways - wearing a vintage 1950's knit sweater in pine green and a 1950's cherry and cream wiggle skirt with matching belt.
Also tried out a new recipe for our weekend brunch - Oeufs de Cocotte aux Girolles. I love eggs with a soft, oozing yolk and this recipe was so luxurious!
"Oeufs Cocotte aux Girolles" with toasted peasant bread
Being married to a Macedonian, we also celebrated Orthodox Christmas or "Bozik" on the 7th of January - on Christmas Eve, called "Badnik" in Macedonia,  I quickly whipped up the traditional bread with a coin in it - the tradition is to break the bread and divide it into God, Home, and for each member of the family. The coin  was found in God's piece of bread this year, which, I believe is fitting!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with much love, joy, and kindness! 

Comrade Von Pussycat

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Glimmers of Hope...

A little peek into what I've been up to:
Channeling my inner M. Gustave <3
Consuming way too many Maple Bacon Doughnuts <3
Cold feet no more! Finally bought a rug for the kitchen - I love the cream and soft blue color scheme. Slightly reminiscent of the pastel hues so adored by the French court. And it is so toasty warm when I make coffee in the morning!
Thanksgiving Pecan Pie - usually my baking goes fairly smoothly. This year, however, the pie gods were not with me, but I managed to salvage the extremely delicate and finicky pie crust by doing a little creative decorating! Sometimes you just need to pour yourself a stiff one and make a conscious effort to relax and enjoy the process.
There is nowhere like Grandma's house <3
I only really make Gingerbread cake once a year, and although the effort this year was a little rushed, once again, decorations saved the day!

Comrade Von Pussycat