Friday, February 28, 2014

Inspired by Renee Perle - Vogue Germany; March 2009

It is pouring outside, but I can still feel Springtime in the cool, damp air - and I was reminded of the moody sepia tone photographs of Jacques Henri Lartigue - specifically the ones taken of Renee Perle. Renee has long been a great inspiration to me, mostly because of her ethnic make up (Romanian and Jewish), which was at the time rather controversial. The kind of beauty that Renee possessed cannot be purchased; she had a depth of character and an innate sense of style. Being a fashion model helped of course, but when you study her in photographs, there is something soulful, and dreamily melancholic about her. The lacquered raven hair, sepia skin, mesmerizing dark eyes, and plum painted pout - what an eccentric beauty! These photographs inspired by Renee were featured in the 2009 March issue of Vogue Germany, hope you enjoy them!

Comrade Von Pussycat

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Puttanesca" By Dolce & Gabbana!

 Early on in my twenties, there were two men who completely changed the way I saw my body. You probably already guessed, yes, they were Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. I remember the feeling of sheer awe coming over me when I tried on my first Dolce and Gabbana dress - "Opium Den" I named it - a beautiful silk bustier dress with sheer side panels and a gorgeous bright poppy print with little cream polka dots on a glossy black background. I still have it hanging in my closet, and even though it is too small now, every time I look at it I get the warm fuzzies. If I could, honestly, I would fill my closet with Dolce and Gabbana pieces and lots of vintage pieces! For now though, I will have to sate my cravings with pictures from one of my favorite collections by Dolce and Gabbana - this collection particularly fascinated me as it sparks a sense of nostalgia for my childhood (I spent a few years of my childhood in Eastern Europe - Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania, to be more specific!). I miss the thick smell of smoke and peppers that filled the balmy summer air...

Comrade Von Pussycat

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Classic Style: Sophia Loren In A Pencil Skirt And Peeptoe Pumps!

I love how simple yet stunning this whole look is! Usually my favorite outfits in any Italian (or French, for that matter) New Wave film are ones that are simple, but show the silhouette in a subtle yet seductive manner. This also goes to show that no matter what you are wearing, if you take the time to coiff your hair and slick on a quick cat-eye, you will always look impeccable!
Comrade Von Pussycat

I Love The Smell of Leather In The Morning...

There is a treacherous substance that flows through these fragile veins. Delightful yet toxic in large doses. Addictive and uncontrollable. Just as the warmth of sunshine on cool alabaster skin is addictive, yet can be fatal for us mere mortals. This substance permeates every pore of my being, every thought and every word that escapes my parched lips. Parched from the intense thirst for knowledge and adventure. This substance slips defiantly out of my tear ducts and escapes down the curve of my cheek in silent protest to the life I have chosen. My blistered tongue clumsily forms the unspoken.
My first "serious" heels bought way back when I was 22 - they just had to be black snakeskin and over 6 inches, naturally ;)
My 8-inch fetish heels...I love adding a little touch of vulgarity with an otherwise wholesome outfit.
James Bond villain?
My dear, departed baby crow Pistolero (now you have the proof that I am madly in love with anything related to Robert Rodriguez, ha!). This was his "hungry" face - if you could only have heard the ruckus he made begging for food!

Pistolero and I had an amazing bond...after all, we're both menacingly dark and therefore, misunderstood.
RIP my feathered partner in crime.
This was a project I did defending a woman's right to cover herself.

A lusty, sleek panther with hypnotic emerald eyes...

As the glowing ember of the sun dies,
She sheds her porcelain doll disguise,
Transforms into a lusty, ink black panther,
With hypnotic emerald eyes.

They call her the girlchild seductress,
Beg her for one painted pixie pout kiss,
She, the accidental temptress,
Amateur guide this little miss is.

Comrade Von Pussycat circa 2007