Monday, July 14, 2014

From Russia With Love...

                                  My honeyed orbs under moonlight met,
                                  You, my exotic (erotic!) tiger pet,
                                  At the frail mercy of wicked time,
                                  We drank expiring summer wine,

                                  Voluptuous left me!
                                  Your lust bitten, sex kitten.
                                  Tragic, you weren't equally as smitten.

                                  Yes! Hopeless, naturally amorous I!
                                  Rest your apple blossom cheek next to mine,
                                  Dampen my lips with lover's breath,
                                  Remember with fondness Ohrid's nymphet.

                                                Just one last time,
                                                Let's spill summer wine,
                                                Just one last time,
                                               Whisper to me this rhyme.

Because every fool loves (in) the summertime.
 Comrade Von Pussycat

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