Thursday, January 8, 2015

On Glamorous Undergarments & Seduction

I am a great proponent for a dose of daily glamour, although I realize that my own style may be uncomfortable for others. One thing I absolutely cannot understand, however, is the appeal of Spanx and similar shape wear, which in my opinion, is completely unglamorous and inexcusable. I realize that "girdle" has become an ugly and taboo term, and that the idea of having steel boning in your shape wear is frightening to a  lot of women. However, vintage shape wear is (in my opinion) infinitely more glamorous than its modern counterpart. Pretty colors, frothy fabrics, glamorous lace, and sensual silhouettes. Nothing kills the mood for seduction more quickly than a pair of plain beige biking shorts. For your own sake, even if no one even sees your shape wear, at least slip into something that makes you feel pretty and you aren't embarrassed to show off...should the occasion arise. You never know when and where a seduction will take place, why not be prepared and open to the possibility? The last thing I want is to be foiled by my unsightly undergarments. One thing I deeply believe in is that you should, on a daily basis, seduce yourself...a piece of dark chocolate, a sophisticated cocktail, a steamy bubble bath. This may sound narcissistic, but I assure you, when you feel good about yourself you can face anything. 

Comrade Von Pussycat

Glamorous and functional shape wear!

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