Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Glimmers of Hope...

A little peek into what I've been up to:
Channeling my inner M. Gustave <3
Consuming way too many Maple Bacon Doughnuts <3
Cold feet no more! Finally bought a rug for the kitchen - I love the cream and soft blue color scheme. Slightly reminiscent of the pastel hues so adored by the French court. And it is so toasty warm when I make coffee in the morning!
Thanksgiving Pecan Pie - usually my baking goes fairly smoothly. This year, however, the pie gods were not with me, but I managed to salvage the extremely delicate and finicky pie crust by doing a little creative decorating! Sometimes you just need to pour yourself a stiff one and make a conscious effort to relax and enjoy the process.
There is nowhere like Grandma's house <3
I only really make Gingerbread cake once a year, and although the effort this year was a little rushed, once again, decorations saved the day!

Comrade Von Pussycat

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  1. Beautiful photos. I just got a whiff of L'Air de Panache.


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