Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Summer Wishlist: Egyptomania!

 Blame it on my inner romantic, but I am hopelessly drawn to any hint of exoticism. Lately I have been completely enchanted by vintage tourist mementos; particularly from the 1920's-1940's. There is something incredibly alluring about items that are tarnished, dusty, and well-worn. They show that they have a thousand stories to tell; that they have been well-loved. I have a gorgeous pair of 1940 peeptoe platforms in genuine alligator skin handcrafted in Havana, Cuba on my wishlist. I desperately want to add a 1920's Egyptian tooled leather travel bag to my collection. Anything to do with bullfights and matadors makes me swoon, and this summer I swear you will see me in nothing but flamenco inspired polka dot dresses, Spanish espadrilles, and blood red lipstick (Besame Noir Red I'm looking at you)! Here are a few droolworthy Egyptian revival items from my wishlist, because really, who isn't an Egyptophile?

This does not bode well for my hard earned $$$...

Comrade Von Pussycat

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