Thursday, December 13, 2012

Puss and Tights!

 Since I cannot make it back to California for the holidays, the Bear and I decided to book a trip to Vienna for New Year's! It will definitely be challenging for this California girl to put together stylish yet warm outfits, but I found a pair of snuggly cream cable knit tights for a start! I am thinking I should pull out my Max Mara wool skirt too...I just need to find the perfect booties to brave the snow in. Do any of you have any suggestions on what to see, eat, visit in Vienna? I have some MAC empties too, does anyone know if Vienna does B2MAC? Here are a few photographs of my fuzzy friend, Samson, to close...enjoy!

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  1. Oh that last photo is too adorable! I love it when a cat's tongue sticks out a bit.
    I'm sorry you can visit your family for the holidays but at least you get to visit somewhere as fabulous as Vienna. Most of my winter outfits consist of layers, warm scarves, and knee high boots.


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