Thursday, October 4, 2012

Doing the Wilde thing :)

Velvet. Is there a more sumptuous, seductive, or luxurious piece of cloth? I think not! I adore this gorgeous dark grape 1940's trapunto skirt suit not only because it could very well have been worn by a femme fatale in a shadowy film noir, and not because it would look killer with my dark grape Prada platforms, but because it reminds me of the extravagant outfit that the dandy-poet Oscar Wilde wore on his first tour of America in 1881:

"Dressed in purple Hungarian smoking jacket with matching turban, knee breeches and black silk stockings, coat lined with lavender satin, everything laced and caped and topped with sky blue cravat."

Damn Oscar, you had wicked style, even if most Americans didn't seem to think so :D

I can just imagine pairing a smoldering slick of ink black liquid eyeliner and blood red lips :)

Do I really need another reason to prove how epic this skirt suit is? I think not ;)

Update: It's mine! All mine! Thank you my Love for such a beautiful birthday gift ;)

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