Friday, June 20, 2014

Shades Of Cool

Some days I miss when we were mere children. When I was the only one in the neighborhood with rollerblades and I would always let you borrow them, even though they were my prized possession. Things seemed so much simpler then...

I never would have imagined that after a decade of my absence, that you would still recognize me...

"Pussycat, is that you?"

Our eyes met under the pale moonlight, and I could see that you were pleased with what you saw.

"Come with me tonight..."
You reached out and stroked my blushing cheek..."please?"

Under the table, in the middle of the crowd, your hand grasped my hand. I rested my weary head on your noble Balkan shoulder. I wondered what it all meant. You were like a brother... right?

"Let me walk you home Pussycat", you whispered into my ear.

I could feel your arm wrap around my waist as we walked into the dark blue velvet night. All of a sudden, you turned to me and hugged me kissed my crushed rose petal lips...I stroked your bronzed cheek with soft white fingertips...

"Would you have let me kiss you if you hadn't been drunk?"


Your tongue melted into mine once more.

"You're beautiful, Pussycat"

I called you on my last night there... and you whispered to me... "goodbye my sweetheart".


Comrade Von Pussycat

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