Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn Wishlist: Vintage Astrakhan!

As a little girl growing up in Eastern Europe, I found myself always fascinated with things people wore in the village. Swarthy, mustached men marching around in bulky Astrakhan coats, babushka's donning beautiful dark floral headscarves while shopping at the market, or pazar, and all of the lovely knit woolen socks and sweaters that were ninety-nine percent of the time crafted at home. There is something magical to me about lofty wool knits combined with a dark, glossy Astrakhan coat, and although I may look like an extra from Doctor Zhivago (which, personally, I don't think is a bad thing at all!)or a Bond villain, I have every intention to add these items to my ever expanding vintage wardrobe!

Comrade Von Pussycat

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