Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September, Tea Times & Autumn Wishlists

Au naturel - fresh ginger tea with a dusting of powdered turmeric (look at that color!) Also chock full of health benefits by the way!
I know that there are still a few weeks left of Summer, but I couldn't resist posting a few of the items on my Autumn wishlist. I love Autumn fashion very much! Thick wool tweeds, fluffy Angora sweaters, glossy leather boots in dark chestnut or rich cognac, merlot-stained lips, cinnamon spiked latte's...what isn't delicious in the Autumn?
Pretty Foundation Garments - as I've mentioned before on this blog, I abhor ugly foundation garments (Spanx, I'm looking at you...). The frothy confections of the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's are such a far cry from the flesh colored sausage casing that you find everywhere today in modern stores, and although they are 70+ old, they still manage to be structurally sound due to the top-notch quality. I would love to add a few pieces in soft peach and pale champagne colors to my Autumn wardrobe. 
1940's dresses in dark chocolate rayon - I just love the versatility of chocolate, chestnut, and mink hues. Less severe than black, more depth than beige, and the color pair so well with furs! I especially would like to add more peplum dresses to my wardrobe...

Fur trimmed tilt hats & thick wool coats - once again, the 1940's aesthetic strikes again. 
Stockings and sweaters! I love everything about this photograph :)

That's all for now - but I assure you, there will be a ton more Autumn inspiration posts in the near future!

Comrade Von Pussycat

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