Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rhinestones, Velvet & Dirty Martini's

The title of this post conjures up visions of rundown strip clubs and flickering neon signs...I love it. Did I ever tell you that I was offered a job as a stripper in Las Vegas? I have no idea why (I am terribly introverted and not particularly provocative), but the proposition was amusing to say the least... just call me "Dirty Martini" ;)Let's talk about velvet. Velvet, once reserved only for cabaret singers, showgirls and socialites, has become the pariah, the ugly little sister of the textile world. In recent years it has been relegated to the deep, dark recesses of closets - and if it ever sees the light of day, it is usually in the form of leisure suits or blazers. Nothing wrong with that. However, velvet is one of my favorite textiles - the way it glows in the dark blue night, feels like pure luxury when you slip it on (and off...), and adds a touch of glamour to anything. I rarely, if ever, see velvet take the form of something glamorous in modern stores. This is another reason to wear vintage - there are so many beautiful velvet dresses that you can find that feature stunning construction and details such as rhinestone embellished belts and plunging necklines.Velvet is also a lot more forgiving than charmeuse and silk, especially if you wear the proper foundation garments. Nothing makes jewels shine more brightly than a backdrop of plush velvet - ever wonder why they use velvet to line jewelry boxes? Now you know :)
Comrade Von Pussycat

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